Give your body and spirit the gift of Lymph Lyft


Lymph Lyft Signature

Manual & Vacuum Therapy customized  to your needs. Can be classic MLD, deeper contour, post op, pre-natal, pain relief, de-bloating, etc. 

Includes full body and face if 90 mins  

60 mins can be sufficient depending on client’s needs, but  more time might be needed. 

In Studio

60 mins ... $150

90 mins ... $210

90 with Holly … $250

11am- 7pm

Please check your email

after booking. All appointments require filling out an intake form included in confirmation email with directions

*In Home Mobile

See below for info*


TMJ  Lyft


Original protocol addressing TMJ from source to solution.  

 Includes exercises, education, stretch therapy, vacuum therapy cupping, lymphatic drainage, intra oral trigger point  and Craniosacral. 

In Studio

90-110 mins ... $250


*First TMJ Signature runs 90-100 mins as it includes assessment and some education. You can feel immediate benefits after one treatment but multiple sessions is ideal and best discussed in person.

Please check your email

after booking. All appointments require filling out an intake form included in confirmation email with directions

*In Home Mobile

See below for info*


 Mobile Appointment 

Mobile (In home) appointments are available on limited days and ideally need

 24 hour + notice

60 min … $175

90 min … $250

90 min with Holly … $300

*Allow additional 30-45mins to treatment time for setting up/ breaking down

*Higher rate depending on hour and location*

*Valet and other parking cost added to total charge*


Primarily serving W LA between 11am-7pm

Price varies depending on location and time 


1) Secure close 

parking spot (parking/ valet charges added to service total) 

2) 7x9ft + clean working space with nearby sink and power outlet 

3) Ability to keep room moderately cool -70°

4) For security purposes- security deposit will be required as well as possible references if you’re a new client 

5) Email [email protected] to schedule and please include your location and that you have read the above information with the subject “mobile LL”

You will also need to fill out the intake form

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 Lymph Lyft


Love Cups Cupping




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lymphatic drainage

Lymph Lyft 

A therapeutic and personalized lymphatic treatment that blends various lymphatic therapies and can be as light as traditional Vodder MLD or can include more vigorous Fascia release and contour strokes, bio electric stimulation, cupping, stretching and or craniosacral therapy. Each session varies depending on the client’s needs, but the intent always is to aid lymphatic drainage and overall well-being. 

How does this differ from a regular massage? The emphasis is on stimulating the body’s internal lymphatic drainage by palpating the lymph nodes and manually pumping the lymph fluid towards the appropriate nodes. Performed both manually and with the option of mechanical assistance. Each session evolves with the client’s needs. 

Integral to every Lymph Lyft session are deep belly breaths and abdominal massage to maximize benefits. It is ideal to not eat a full meal close to a session.

*We can do Prenatal massage for women past their first trimester and the massage will be modified and performed side lying.

Great for Bloating, Post Op, Auto Immune, Gut issues, Scar Tissue, Inflammation, Tension headaches & Sinus Congestion

lymphatic drainage


TMJ ( temporomandibular joint)  or TMJD ( temporomandibular joint disorder) is what’s commonly referred to when someone clenches or grinds their teeth causing jaw tension, neck pain and headaches. Many sufferers feel resigned to wearing a night guard the rest of their life, using pain relievers, muscle relaxers, getting Botox injections or even surgery. Before you decide these are your only options, opt for a treatment that gets at the root cause and offers a self empowering approach. 

In this treatment, first your body alignment is assessed including hip placement, which believe it or not impacts your jaw alignment. Then a series of exercises and assisted stretches are performed. These exercises which only take 5-15 mins are to be performed regularly in between sessions. The rest of the session you can turn your mind off and relax. In the beginning deep trigger point work will be performed in the neck and jaw including intra oral with gloves. Cupping will be used in target areas around the face and neck to release fascia, increase circulation and reduce congestion. Once the deeper muscular work is complete, the deeper work of the emotional body and nervous system is addressed.

Craniosacral which includes gentle holds is used to “tell your mind to tell your muscles to let go.” If you don’t address your nervous system, the jaw and neck muscles will keep going back to their old habit of holding tension until they learn to not turn everyday stress into “fight or flight.” This correction comes with a greater mindfulness throughout the day to “check in” and see where your body is holding tension. The simple act of acknowledging the tension and telling your body to let go is often all that’s needed to dramatically reduce chronic tension. A series of 3 is recommended weekly including personal commitment in between to create lasting change. *Intense  face work is not recommended if you recently had botox, filler or cosmetic surgery on the face and or neck. Best to wait at least 3 weeks after and still there might be some restrictions to consider.

Great for Tension headaches, Congestion, TMJ

What our clients are saying

"All I really have to say is "DAMN"  Today, I can see definition in my hips, legs, face and abdomen that I haven't seen in about a year.  I can also see my lymph nodes in my hips, which makes me think they are working! Because I immediately felt so released, I booked three appointments at once because you can get a discount, and I'm so glad I did."​